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Please review the FAQ sheet below for answers to common questions and if you have any additional questions please fill out the contact form below!


How Can I Contact Pawws?

Please email Pawws Customer Support at and we will get back to you within 24 hours! (This is the fastest way to get in touch with us). We are currently hiring for our phone lines so they will be temporarily unavailable.

How Long Until I Receive My Order?

All of our products normally ship within 3-5 business days :) You will receive an order confirmation after you place your order to your email, and another email with tracking information once your item has shipped. If an item is on backorder, we will make it known on its listing - if you don't mind waiting a few extra weeks, items on backorder are generally available at a big discount!

How Can I Cancel My Order?

You can cancel your order by emailing us at We will have phone lines live soon but until then these are the only two places you can get in touch with us.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

You may return your item for a refund or exchange within 30 days from the date the item is delivered to you, subject to the terms and conditions below.  No refunds or exchanges will be made after 30 days from the date of delivery except for extreme circumstances. See more info here -->

How Do I Join The Pawws Program?

While the Pawws Program is in early access, much of the program is being worked on day and night by our small team from Philadelphia, PA. If you’re a dog lover and want to save big on our entire store, meet and learn from other dog lovers out there just like you, and get free stuff, this is the program for you! Learn more and try it out for free here -->

Do I Need To Be A Member To Purchase From Pawws?

No, while it is highly suggested to become a member before purchasing (so you can take advantage of huge discounts) you can still purchase from our store without being a member of the Pawws Program.

Am I A Member After Taking A Free Shirt Or Jewelry Offer?

If you took one of our free offers, you accepted a 14 day Pawws Program free trial. While you are in your trial, you get to enjoy all the benefits of the Pawws Program. If you wish to stay in the Pawws Program after your trial, do nothing and you will be billed normal Pawws Program membership dues of $9.95 per month. If you wish to cancel, click the link here:

Where Do I Go If I Am A Pawws Program Member?

Follow this link for everything you need to know about using your Pawws Program membership including store discounts, our Facebook Group, and membership cancellations:


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